What's your fashion journey? 💖

Have you ever really sat down and thought about your fashion journey? Do it – it’s so fun! It brings back so many fun (and funny) memories. So, let us take...

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What's your fashion journey? 💖
June Blog | My Fashion Journey
Have you ever really sat down and thought about your fashion journey? Do it – it’s so fun! It brings back so many fun (and funny) memories. So, let us take a trip together down memory lane and see if you can recall some of your fashion journey 😊
Favorite Outfit – Do you remember that 1 outfit that was your all-time favorite?!?! Well, I can!  I remember getting the cutest little short set – I was so excited to wear this outfit that I wore it to bed the night before, seriously! So let me fill you in on the rest of the story….my mom always shopped a season ahead, so it was late winter. I found myself hiding in the corner not wanting to go into the classroom and take my snow pants off in fear that someone would see that I had worn shorts and it was snowing outside . I was no longer overly excited about my new digs. Luckily, my guardian angel had an intuition to come to the school that day. My Grandma Alina was truly an angel. She saw me sitting there in tears and whisked me down to Bostwick’s for a more suitable outfit. We were blessed then and now to have an amazing Main Street for emergencies like these.
School Shopping - Who here has the childhood memory of sitting in the back seat of the car, unbuckled of course with bags upon bags of school clothes and supplies stacked around them. Me! HAHA.  This is how we shopped for school supplies.   Shopping the season before or the clearance racks after was our go to. We loved to July shopping for Back to School. We made it a big thing.  This was back in the day when we only went to Fargo 2-3 times per year! You had to get everything you needed all at once or at least the things that we could not get in town.
The Golden Door - I also learned to love fashion from inside of the “Golden” door of my Aunt Karen’s store.  My mom would often be there trying on clothes. I would spend days there as a young girl watching her unpack freight and set displays in the store.  Our community was home to several clothing stores in the early 80’s and I recall them hosting multiple fashion shows and ladies’ nights out.  Watching my mom and others I knew on the runway was a big deal!  I also found the love of “brands” during this time. The image of “Hang Ten” is so clear in my head… Brands and specific qualities about brands that you loved early on stick with you.  That is why I love brands like Hem and Thread, KanCan, and Mustard Seed.
A Fashionable Mom – Yep, that was my mom. No matter if she was going to work at Bobcat, that lady always dolled herself up. This was passed on to her from my grandmother. They always did their hair and makeup and made sure they were well put together. During their era, it was not popular to wear loungewear or go anywhere in your pj’s and slippers.  I remember a time during college my mom gave me a tongue lashing about wearing sweatshirts too often! 😊 Looking presentable was always important.
Denim Everything - If I had to pick a favorite apparel of all time it would be denim. I am just not talking jeans but jean shirts, jean jackets, anything denim 😊 I think that is why we always have a store full of denim!  I love all kinds, all styles. Fairly positive my closet has 75 denim shirts in it and at least 6 shelves of jeans.
Never Enough Jewelry - Ok so I said denim was my favorite apparel item, well jewelry is my favorite accessory.  My nickname in high school was “Claire” like Claire’s the jewelry store 😊 Yep, I wore jewelry every day and multiple pieces every day.  One time I read an article about jewelry piece max is 3! Let me just say I was totally appalled at the article and did not follow that rule for a second. 😊 😊 😊 Over the years my style has changed but honestly, I have pieces in my collection that I have had since I was a young kid. I remember my mom buying me Black Hills gold rings, I had one for every finger!  The most loved piece in my collection is a necklace she bought on a family trip to Seattle from an antique shop…It is such a beautiful necklace. You will always find an ample amount of jewelry at JQ 😊
So, now that you went along with me, stop, and take time to think about your own journey. It brings back fun memories. Memories of special people and places in your life.  It may sound silly, but fashion has impacted all of us in some way.  I love the journey of life…whether it be our fashion journey or just simply our life’s journey…. we grow…we evolve…we get better with age! 😊
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