JQ Journal

June Issue 💖

Have you ever really sat down and thought about your fashion journey? Do it – it’s so fun! It brings back so many fun (and funny) memories. So, let us take a trip together down memory lane and see if you can recall some of your fashion journey 😊

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May Issue 💜

Don’t you just hate that feeling of getting ready in the morning and not being able to find ANYTHING to wear while you stare at a closet literally packed to the brim with options?!? I’ll tell you why you have that feeling even though you have SOO many clothes… it’s because you have SOO many clothes!

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April Issue 💛

Ever since I can remember I LOVE TO SHOP!  My beautiful Mother introduced me to this favorite hobby.  Some of my favorite memories with my mother is shopping Thursday evenings downtown Grand Forks, ND at Vanity.

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