Closet Organization: how to do it + why it's important 💜

Don’t you just hate that feeling of getting ready in the morning and not being able to find ANYTHING to wear while you stare at a closet literally packed to...

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Closet Organization: how to do it + why it's important 💜

Closet Organization: how to do it + why it's important 


Don’t you just hate that feeling of getting ready in the morning and not being able to find ANYTHING to wear while you stare at a closet literally packed to the brim with options?!? I’ll tell you why you have that feeling even though you have SOO many clothes… it’s because you have SOO many clothes!

Narrow. Down. Your. Options.

Okay, now I’m not claiming to NOT have a lot of clothes here… what I am claiming to have is an organized closet… which makes a world of difference! When your closet is pretty to look at, you can say goodbye to that feeling of having nothing to wear. Knowing exactly what is hanging in your closet makes getting ready in the morning so much easier and quicker, but you’re also going to feel way more adventurous with your style and excited to see what you can come up with for an outfit!

I am absolutely the obnoxious person who cleans out and re-organizes their closet once a month (don't judge 😉), so I have learned a few things on what works best for organization! All of the products I suggest can be found on our Amazon Store!

Starting with the most important, and my BIGGEST suggestion: Velvet Hangers!

  • A real game changer let me tell you! Out with the mis-matched hangers that only get tangled with each other... in with the all matching super slim velvet hangers! These will instantly make your closet look 1000% better! Not only does the matching cohesive look just make you happy, they are so much thinner than a white plastic hanger that you can fit SO much more in your closet without dealing with the slippage and tangling that comes along with wire hangers, your tops aren't going anywhere on these hangers! If you are a bottoms hanger upper too, no need to worry... they make velvet pant hangers!

Meet your new best friend you didn’t know you needed: S Hooks!

  • S Hooks are hands down the best (& prettiest) way to display your jeans! Say goodbye to stacks of falling over jeans and drawers so packed full of denim they don’t close 👋🏻 Hanging your denim allows you to easily see the wash and distressing on all of your jeans + you will likely wear each pair you own instead of the same 3 pair because you can actually physically see them and none are stuck to live out the rest of their life collecting dust at the bottom of your jean pile… woohoo! *Something to note is the diameter of the rod in your closet, double check these will fit so that, like me, you DON'T have to have your dad use a pliers to manually bend each one, thanks Phil 🙃.


Cube Organizers: not just for storing your kids toys or acting as the catch-all in your college dorm room anymore! 😜

  • These are a true lifesaver and the best way to tuck away those things you may not reach for as often but that still need some place to live in your closet! I also love how easy it is to play around with fun baskets & bins in these... the options are endless! 


My last major storage tip I have is a shoe rack (and if you're as obsessed with shoes as I am you have multiple so they all fit 🤦🏻‍♀️)

  • So long, tall mountain of shoes on the floor that has only gotten bigger and bigger in the last 5 years 👋🏻 Since there is simply no way every single pair of shoes I own are fitting in my closet, I split them up and put my most worn/seasonal shoes in the garage for easy access when leaving the house, and my least worn/special occasion shoes in my closet where I can just admire their beauty 😜


My last two tips are to help you maintain that freshly organized closet feel 😊

  1. Color coordinate: and don't just do it once and neglect it, put things back where they belong when they come back from the laundry room! When first doing it, as chaotic as it sounds, my suggestion is to just completely empty your closet and start fresh. + This strategy will physically show you which color of clothing you have let consume your entire closet which is a fun little game, cause we all know we have one *cough* blue & black *cough* 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Turn your hangers: When you empty your closet out to color coordinate it 😉 Hang everything in your closet up backwards. if you're the type of person (me) who tells themselves that you "might wear that someday" then you NEED to do this! every time you wear something and hang it back in your closet, hang it the correct way, at the end of 12 months (make sure you give your closet all 4 seasons) anything still hanging backwards needs to go! If you go an entire year without wearing it, you're literally never going to wear it! (unless it's like ONE pair of motivational jeans... then I give you a pass 😉)

Go right now and take a picture of your closet, spend the week re-organizing it and then take another one... how satisfying, right?!? Share your before and after's with me! 

*Check everything out on our amazon store!*

💋 TJ

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