Holiday Wear isn’t just for the Holidays! 🎄

By Jessica Quandt

Holiday Wear isn’t just for the Holidays! 🎄

Holiday Wear just isn’t for the Holidays!

Are you someone who hesitates to buy holiday clothing in fear that you won't be able to get enough use out of it? Well, hesitate no more! When you’re pondering that fit, think about all the endless possibilities for it. Think about what’s coming up over the next few months that you could wear that piece to. Break holiday down by color, fabric, and all the “where to wear” options.

Holiday colors are truly year-round colors, but if you need specifics, let’s do it. 


Well of course you’ll need a Valentines Day 'fit and don't forget that February is Heart Awareness month.

Check out these pants


March that look right into St Patty’s Day! We wear green in support of mental health as well.

Of course, we all have a favorite sports team that wears green, right?!  Go Sioux or Bison 😉

This green top is a staple! 

Gold & Silver

well these two are perfect colors for any time of year.  Make sure the item is a pairable or a piece that can be layered to be a multi-seasonal piece.


Let’s talk fabrics! 


This is one that can be worn all year long, hot, or cold. It’s such a beautiful feminine fabric.  It’s a courageous piece for both work and play.  This is also a great night out fabric or a Sunday church staple.


This is a must have party staple!  You must have at least one another night out of the year that you would need something with sequins on it for.  And honestly when you think about items that have sequins, they are that classic staple that is timeless in your closet.  Literally, I think I have a sequin tank in my closet that is 10 years old!

Red Sequin top

Gold Sequin Skirt

Silver Sequin


now this one might not be a year-round wear, but darn girl this is ND 😊 we have winter for 9 months out of the year, so get your wear out if it.  Just like silks, this is a fabric that can really be worn in so many ways for so many different events.


So lastly, let’s talk the “where to wear”.  I’d like to say where these holiday looks anywhere but if you need some specifics here you go.

You won’t need to put them a way for long because NYE is just around the corner.  All colors and fabs are a go for NYE!  If you need some party inspo ideas:

Parties - of course.

Weddings – when you need to get fancy.

Winter Vacay – it’s so much fun to dress up when you’re away. Take that dress! Tropical stops are my favorite to pull out all the stops on.  But think about Nashville or Vegas!

Job Obligations and Conventions


Or just taking the time to get dolled up on a Saturday night!

So buy that holiday wear and WEAR it 😊  Happy Holidays you guys! 


Merry Christmas

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