Fall Fashion Trends 🤎

By Jessica Quandt


Fall Fashion Trends

Ok, so I’m seriously not a lover of cooler temps but come on who doesn’t LOVE to dress for them!  This falls fashion trends are ones that I’m especially excited for.  Not only are they styles right in my wheelhouse, but the colors are seriously amazing!


So, let’s get into my fav looks coming this fall.


Long Vest…. Ah, YES PLEASE!  You have no idea how happy I am that this trend is continuing this fall!  These beautiful wool vests will become a lasting staple in your closet.  They are so flattering and just add a touch of class to any outfit.  A fall must have… Check out our favorite here


Skirts…Long + Short you pick!  Doesn’t matter they are both on my list for fall 😊 I am completely in love with long satin skirts and short plaid!  You’ll see JQ sporting these this fall. Grab our bestseller


Graphics…ok this is still a staple that is not going away!  We see them coming back better then ever. Faded, vintage, distressed but if you don’t like that style guess what? There are so many bold and bright options too.  Oversized graphic sweatshirts are all the rave right now of course.  Pair them with a dress or under a flannel and you have the perfect fall fit. Must have graphics!


Shackets + Jackets…. oh where to start with this one!  The store is overflowing with beautiful shackets + jackets.  Another great staple that will hold up in your closet for years to come.  This is a great piece to throw on when it starts getting a little brisk outside.  Whether it is a simple elegant wool shacket in your staple colors of gray or oatmeal – we have them! If you’re looking for plaid or printed, we have them too! Check out our beautiful selection here

I know fall and pending winter temps make us a little unsettled, but the fall fashion trends certainly shouldn’t!  There are so many amazing looks for fall at JQ, stop by today and let us find something that is perfect for you.



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