Fashion Staples never go out of style! 💚

Staples certainly equal style. Well of course they should!  A staple should always be a timeless piece that lives out an extended life in our closets.  The span not only...

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Fashion Staples never go out of style!  💚

Staples = Style

Staples certainly equal style. Well of course they should!  A staple should always be a timeless piece that lives out an extended life in our closets.  The span not only transcends seasons, but years.

So, what do I consider my go to staples?  Well, I have 3!  The first of course is going to come at no surprise to most of you…a white button up shirt (is it button up or button down?? Oh, who cares, it’s a classic it technically can do both 😊)

White Button

What could be more of a staple then that!  It’s like wearing a blank canvas and you get to recreate something new every time you wear it.  You can style it any way you want.  I love to wear mine with distressed denim!  But it is oh so cute with leather pants or even denim shorts + sandals!  And talk about multi-seasonal!  Cuff up those sleeves in your best “J Crew” sort of style and boom perfect for warmer temps.

Check out our favorite white button up!

My 2nd go to staple is a black blazer. Now, I’m going to be honest.  I have an entire row in my closet dedicated to blazers.  Blazers are seriously one of my all-time favorite pieces that have been a part of my closet since I was in Junior High-Serious!  I once had a teacher tell me I dress better then half the teachers in the school.  That’s literally how loudly a blazer speaks 😊 People envy them…so stop wanting one and buy one or two or three! Listen, if you don’t already own one, then start with a black one!  You will never find a more versatile piece in your life.  When most High School girls were shopping at Vanity,  I was shopping at the Limited 😊.  Why? Because they sold staples, they sold classic pieces.  If I would have been better at saving things, I can guarantee those blazers would still be living in my closet today. A blazer is a classic piece that last a lifetime.  A black blazer pairs with everything-trust me! That white button up shirt – Check!  That animal print too – Check!  That bodysuit you’re afraid to wear in public – Check!  That fun graphic tee – Check!  See literally everything 😊 I sometimes find myself looking at all the prints and patterns in my closet and saying what was I thinking I’ll never wear that!  But guess what? I pull it off the hanger and throw a blazer over top and boom it’s perfect.

Our favorite blazers! 

And last but certainly not least is the classic trench coat! Ok girls this has been one of the great loves of my life!  I always envied my mother wearing her “London Fog” trench coat when I was a child.  She was beautiful and stylish every time she wore it.  To be honest, last year was the first time I bought my first “big girl” trench coat.  You know the kind that costs a pretty penny but fits you like a glove and will last an eternity because it’s made of the highest quality material. Funny story, the day my coat came in the mail my mom was in my office and I opened that box like a child on Christmas.  My eyes lit up like saucers and I gave that trench coat the biggest hug!  My mom said Hey that looks just like my trench coat!  Sure, enough the next day my mom comes in my office wearing her “London Fog” looking as beautiful as she did 30 years ago.  Now that’s a staple!  A trench coat is crucial for all of us that live in a four-season climate.  This is also one of the few pieces that looks great on all body types.  A well fitted trench coat can make you feel like a million bucks, whether you are dressing it up with a white button up and heels or down with a white tee and sneakers. 


These three major style staples need to be in your closet!  They transcend seasons and time.  Whether you are a minimalist or an extreme fashionista-these three staples are just for you! 

I’ll give you until next time to get at least 2 of these 3 items in your closet or I’m coming over for a wellness check 😊 

xoxo JQ 💋

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