Dreamy Denim- Latest Jean Styles for 2023!

💕 Denim We Can't Get Enough Of! 💕 2023 denim styles that have got us all googly-eyed include: WIDE leg jeans, patchwork and embellishment pieces, and long-length jackets and skirts....

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Dreamy Denim- Latest Jean Styles for 2023!

Hey there! Not sure what your next pair of jeans should be? With trends changing as fast as you can swipe your Tiktok feed, it can be hard to keep up with what styles are new and notable! Here's a little outlook for all things denim in 2023: 


The wider the leg, the better!

Photo of model wearing high-rise, light wash jeans with straight legs, including distressing near the knees.

Jeans with SUPER wide legs are projected to be everywhere this year. From straight to flare, we've got all the looks that will keep you on-trend with this style.

Straight Leg: Try this pair for a high-rise, light wash fit. Those romantic rips and embellishments are also right on track for the 2023 denim season. 😉

Flare Leg: Looking for even more flare? 😍 Try these light wash beauties, or if you prefer a darker wash, check these out! 


💖Patches and Embellishments 💖

Model wearing mid-rise light wash jeans with cropped flair legs. Jeans have been lightened to create a vertical pinstriping effect.

This trend may be a little out of some gals' comfort zones, but we have plenty of options at JQ from subtle to bold. Think fraying, multiple shades of denim, patches, and other cuter than cute designs!

Subtle: Try these patched mom jeans, or these pop-out flares. 😎

Bold: "Go for it!" with these gorgeous plaid-patched boyfriend jeans. Or, really step out with these pinstriped cropped flares! 😘


🌹 Long-Length Denim Pieces 🌹

Model standing next to a window wearing white sneakers, black shorts, white tee shirt, and denim trench coat.

Length is here to stay- for denim pieces, MAXI is MORE! 

Jackets: Try our to-die-for denim trench-- you won't regret it! 💋

Skirts: Check out this sweet denim prairie skirt and indulge your romantic side. 🌻 


For more inspiration, be sure to check out all of our denim looks on our website. 😊 We hope all your denim dreams come true this spring! 🌼

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