5 Fashion Trends for Spring 💐

If you’re dreaming of warmer weather, thinking about all things spring fashion may just make you feel better! These 5 spring trends are truly on point!

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5 Fashion Trends for Spring 💐

If you’re dreaming of warmer weather, thinking about all things spring fashion may just make you feel better! These 5 spring trends are truly on point!

The first trend this season we must talk about are pops of color.. or should I say booms of color 💥 We are talking bright pinks, various shades of green, and yellow! I know for some of you “all I wear is black” ladies, this just isn’t going to cut it this spring. But I am telling you, you've got to venture out of your box and try these new colors... trust me on this one! Come into the store and have some fun with color. You never know, you might just find your new favorite color this spring! This top is one of our favorite pops of color! We love that this fun Spring sweater comes in THREE colors!


The second trend we are seeing this spring is puff lettering, chenille letters, and embroidery. Why not have some fun with fashion right! Girls, you’re going to see us bringing several of these pieces back from market…GUARANTEED!! ☺ Heading on a Spring break trip?! You will NEED this sweater


The third trend you need to know about for spring has everything to do with fun prints, patterns and textures! Patterns are getting a new take on life this spring…funky florals, bold stripes, and why not throw in a little glitter here and there. This is another trend we need to embrace this spring. There will be so many ways to wear it, especially for all those that are on the simpler side of prints… like all black You’ll see patterns in button shirts, so wear it open with a basic tank. Prints on tanks, this gives you the options to wear a solid color along side it. So, again this is another trend you must not be afraid of. Embrace the prints... they are here to stay! 🌈 This fun button down would be cute paired with a white tank under it or even mix and match it with a subtle floral print tee underneath! 


The fourth trend… graphics. We know, we know… graphics are not a new trend, but rather a continuing one! How we are going to see it this year is in Western inspired tees. 🤠 If you haven’t already become an addict of all the Taylor Sheridan TV series' {ie Yellowstone, 1883, 1923…} you’re missing out! People are completely obsessed with all things western or cowboy inspired. You’ll also see a lot of fun travel and adventure inspired tees. The thing we are loving about these tees are the neutral colors they are presenting. JQ is overflowing with so many cute graphics right now, come take a look!


The fifth and final trend this spring is loungewear… reinvented! Who else likes to be all matchy matchy?!? Well, you’re in luck! This season you are going to see a lot of the loungewear with matching tops and bottoms. Whether they are joggers and a sweatshirt or a t-shirt and shorts. The color options are endless... we are seeing them in all the bright new spring colors, but also available in the classics too. So really this trend works for everyone. AND a bonus is this is a trend we will see continuing into the fall. So, get your jogger set today and then pair it with a puffer vest in the fall, hey even if you buy the hot pink set it’s still going to be on point for fall as well 😜 


Ladies, spring is about fresh + new and this year’s fashion embraces both of those. So, start with a fresh new look in your closet this month... brighten up your wardrobe or get out of your same old same old patterns. Believe me, new spring clothes make us feel so good!!

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